Sound research backup is pre-requisite for the success of any industry. The theme of research department is mainly focused on "Need base Research". The mandate includes the crop improvement in respect of hybrids/ varieties development having field tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses coupled with high yield so that the cost of cultivation can be reduced by means of curtailing the expenses on fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals and fungicides. Secondly, keeping in mind the export potential because of WTO/ GATT agreements, the R&D activities are focused on Integrated Crop management (ICM) & quality products development for export oriented production of agricultural / horticultural crops making them globally competitive and fit for human consumption.

Our R&D unit possesses 50 hectares of own farm, supported with well-equipped laboratory, meteorological observatory, up-to-date library and controlled polyhouses for experimentation. Presently qualified scientists are engaged in development of unique hybrids/ varieties of different crops.

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